About me

I have spent my entire career in formal and informal positions of leadership, on three continents, in industries ranging from agribusiness to marketing, biotech, pharma, and finance.


2020-Present • Exergon Limited


  • Parental leave - Dad
  • Coin360 - CEO
  • Hilbert Group - Interim COO
  • Captario - Sales, Customer Success, Key Account Manager

2021-2022 Coin360


CEO and employee #1 of this joint venture. I designed a business plan to grow a crypto web app into a financial data platform for digital assets, and a revenue model that transitioned from ad sales to a SaaS model fueled by PLG.

🏋️ Recruited a strong team of 20 (development, content, sales)
📈 Grew revenue from 0 to US$1 million in one year (net profitable in the first year)
⚡ Spearheaded a new modular product design tailored for product-led growth

2021-2023 Hilbert Group

Senior Project Manager

COO (Interim)

2018-2021 Captario

Key Account Manager

Senior Analyst

Knowledge Manager

2016-2018 Bridget

Partner & Strategist

Employee #2 and partner of this communication agency focused (then) on B2B marketing. I wrote content, drafted communications strategies, built employers brands and conducted company values exercises.

I spent close to a year working full-time for a biotech client who had built a novel platform for RNAi screening 🧬 What started as content writing targeted at a scientific audience soon expanded to advising the company on software 📈 and finally software development outright.

I conceptualized (on spec) and built a software for processing (ML image recognition in Python) and analysis (Cellprofiler on AWS cluster) of fluorescence microscopy images, with a consumer-grade web application frontend (Django + React).

🦣 It was a massive undertaking but led to me pivoting into software companies for the subsequent five years.

2015 Gothenburg University

Visiting Lecturer


Career break

I was fortunate to be able to take a career break ⏸️ after five years in Liberia. I spent this time in Morocco , reading📙 writing🖋️ reorienting🧭 and reflecting🪞 on the values that drive me 🌿

It was a formative time, not only for my subsequent career but for my life from that point to present day. I am a great proponent of taking breaks.

2012-2014 Golden Veroleum Liberia

General Manager Logistics

I took over the procurement & logistics team 2 years after the start of this US$1.6 billion greenfield oil palm investment in Liberia.

Logistics in Liberia was challenging. Bridges collapse 🌉, roads wash away ⛈️, ships sink 🌊, equipment gets stuck/breaks down/catches fire 💥 All the while a massive operation of more than 4000 staff and over 100 pieces of equipment needs to be supplied.

My key achievements ranged from the spectacular to the mundane:
🚢 Spearheaded two vessel charters and man-powered 🏋️ cargo operations during times of no road access
💰 Budgeting for department handling procuring and handling goods of over US$100 million/year
👔 Managed implementation of SAP in procurement and created an inhouse DB application for logistics
🌍 Developed plans for a logistics base with supported by shipping line agreements

2011-2012 Liberia Cocoa Corporation

Management consultant

I served as on-site consultant for the first large-scale cocoa production in Liberia. My main responsibilities were draft new operating plans, assure compliance, and train the existing management staff.

🌱 Created operational planning for 2000 ha/year expansion
⚖️ Restructured the management team and implemented compliant HR procedures
💰 Engineered a new system for budgeting and financial reporting

I remained connected to project post-contract, guided senior management through grant applications and revision of financial plans.

2009-2011 • ADA/LAP

Operations Manager

ADA/LAP was the first large-scale (45,000 ha target) mechanized rice farm in Liberia. It was also my first management role and a trial by fire 🔥

🧭 Led a workforce of 400+ staff (recruited from post-war disarmament programs)
🌾 Brought in first ever harvest in incredibly challenging conditions
🎥 Represented the company with authorities, received dignitaries, media appearances
⚙️ Developed data-driven systems for operations and logistics
💰 Created a new business plan and strategy for securing financing

2008-2009  Jensen Education


2007-2009 "Development Through Reconciliation"

Co-founder & Organizer

  • Organized conference in Swedish Parliament with the chairman of Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Liberia as keynote speaker.
  • Successfully lobbied the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Swedish International Development Agency to grant US$1M to the TRC of Liberia.

2005-2008 Chalmers University of Technology

PhD Candidate, lecturer, researcher

  • “On the surface of things” (PhD thesis)
  • “The B-model on the A-model NS5-brane” (collaboration)
  • “Membranes for topological m-theory” (collaboration)

2003-2005 Gothenburg University

PhD Candidate, researcher

  • “U-duality covariant membranes” (collaboration)