I write for pleasure and profit. In that order.

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Most of my credited writing can be found online and I make an effort to repost everything on my blog. My availability to take on new writing assignments varies throughout the year, but I'm always open to hear about new projects. The bulk of my writing takes place in a mysterious offline project. More on that at some later date... perhaps.

For the love of a bad book

26 May, 2016 • Viktor Bengtsson • 2 minutes to read

I love bad books. They are an unavoidable aspect of reading a lot, but for all their obvious flaws I have found that they help me as a writer.


Switching to jekyll: design decisions

19 May, 2016 • Viktor Bengtsson • 3 minutes to read

Switching from Wordpress to a static website generated with Jekyll allowed me to think more deeply about design and what kind of web we want.


Wearebridget.com: What makes good content? (Swedish)

27 April, 2016 • Viktor Bengtsson • 1 minute to read

What are some of the general characteristics of good content for inbound marketing? We review some general guidelines (repost from wearebridget.com)


Org-mode for writers

09 March, 2016 • Viktor Bengtsson • 8 minutes to read

"Org-mode (and emacs) is a great free tool for writers inclined to scale the steep learning curve. Organize your work and write in a distraction-free environment."