Other what? Well, just about everything.

I have a love of learning that deftly skirts the boundary of unhealthy obsession and screams to a halt just on the precipice of OCD. That makes for a lot of quirky side-interests. Some useful, some less so.


Last year I had to learn Python in order to help out a client with a small project. This same project quickly grew to a major platform written in Python and served Django on AWS.

I have coded as a hobby, on an off, since childhood. Starting with Basic I've dabbled in C, Assembler (on 386), PHP with MySQL, Java for Android apps among others. I have never undertaken any serious project until last year.

Smartphones and the rise of webapplications has done wonders for my coding. In the old paradigm of desktop applications the threshold to get from tinkering to having a usable piece of software always seemed to great to me. That has not changed.

I have a couple of ideas for esoteric tools that would be of great value to me and that I plan to release as open source. For now I'm fully occupied with coding professionally and doing small projects like this site (which comes courtesy of Pelican, tufte.css and a small python markdown extension that I wrote and will release shortly).

Blockchain technology

I am a passionate believer in a decentralized internet based on blockchain technology as a solution to many of the problems we see (or don't see) in today's online world.

Blockchain technology started with Bitcoin, but it won't end there. Right not the technology is still in its infancy with many projects either in alpha or pre-alpha stages. But that's about to change. Here are some projects I'm following closely at the moment.


My interest in decentralized technology comes partly from a broader interest in issues concerning privacy. From time to time I write about privacy, internet politics and decentralized technology on my medium.com publication Informed Dissent.

Theoretical high-energy physics

Before becoming a full-time writer I worked in Liberia as a manager in large-scale agriculture projects. Before that I was a researcher focused on string/M-theory with a special interest in the M2-brane. (I really should finish that last course and get my final degree at some point...)