An office with a view

13 January, 2011 • Viktor Bengtsson • 1 minute to read

(Post from old blog.)

From a world rich in contrast comes my first blog entry. This entry is also the first in my gloating-about-the-weather series.

Snowy Gothenburg at night

Exotic Gothenburg on a late evening in early January.

Golden Beach Restaurant in Monrovia

Less than a week later, working at Golden Beach Restaurant.

Office on the beach

This is what's meant by "Office with a view".

Golden Beach Restaurant in Monrovia

In summary: it's good to be back!

This being my first camera, and therefore my first stumbling attempts in the noble art of photography, I welcome any technical comments and pointers on the photos posted here. (Though not about the non-horizontal horizon in the first image, I just didn't have the energy to edit that photo once I noted the omission.)