52 for 52

11 March, 2017 • Viktor Bengtsson • 1 minute to read

I have had various reading goals throughout the years. I've set page goals (20,000 pages) and book goals (26 books). But I have never achieved the goal of 52 books per year, or one book per week. 2017 is the year that changes!

I have little cause to be optimistic at present. I'm already behind at only 8 books so far this year. My workload has been pretty intensive for the past 6 months and that doesn't seem likely to change drastically. Still, foolish optimism is the mother of all accomplishment.

The list so far:

I tend to gravitate towards scifi and spy fiction, which skews the gender ratio decidedly towards male. But I'm going to make a conscious effort to include more female authors. It's not going to be 50/50, but neither is it going to be the United States congress.

With that said, back to reading!